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Our Services

Providing the best services and courses

Nanny Training

Training-only for already- employed Nannies. A comprehensive course designed to engage the candidate in learning all the basics in Child Minding (such as Bottles, sleep, nappies, bathing, dressing etc…), Medical Basics (administering medicine, CPR, Choking, First Aid for cuts, burns, concussion, broken bones, whiplash, shock, electrocution, drowning etc…) Common childhood ailments (such as Chicken Pox, Mumps, Measles, Tonsillitis and how a nanny should care for a child with these ailments) as well as extra emphasis on the Development of the Child. The course includes not only the Infancy, but also the Toddler Years. Most courses concentrate on Baby Care, but what about after that? Nannies need to understand how to develop, and stimulate babies and toddlers, including discipline without smacking and shouting, over and above the ordinary duties of looking after the child. Also, being parents to twins, we have made sure that our course also places emphasis on caring for twins and multiples. So if you want to send your Nanny for this course, please contact us for dates and times of our courses.

Trained Nanny Placement

This service allows you to hire one of Help At Home’s trained Nannies. All nannies are pre-interviewed, reference-checked where possible and fully trained before commencing duties with you. You can choose either that the Nanny lives-in or lives-out. During the interview process, we make sure that the nannies are completely literate, able to communicate well, participative and eager. If the nanny is accepted by the agency, she is then trained on our Nanny Training Course (please read above), and only the top achieving candidates will be placed as nannies.

Domestic Worker

Thoroughly pre-interviewed, referenced stay-in or out Domestic Workers, where we aim to make sure that the candidate is thorough, competent, knowledgable and more than capable of doing all necessary duties that their field of work requires. Please note that these candidates are not experienced or trained in Childcare. Salaries are based upon experience.

Temporary Placement

We are able to provide temp workers (Nannies, and Domestics), but generally need two days notice. Rates are dependent on candidate, travel costs, and whether or not after-hours or weekend work will be involved. Please contact us for a service quote. We will be able to provide all our clients with the necessary forms and documentation (contracts, UIF etc…) that you will need to comply with South African Labour Law. It will be the responsibility of you, the employer to make sure that you conform to all aspects of the law once the candidate is employed by you.

DomestiCare Medical Insurance

Help at Home is proud to announce our partnership with DomestiCare, cost effective medical insurance that gives domestic workers access to private doctors and clinics in their neighbourhood or surrounding areas, including visits to general practitioners (GPs), acute medication, pathologists, radiologists, dentists, optometrists and more, as well as providing certain maternity and HIV benefits.


DomestiCareis an affordable, occupational healthcare solution designed for domestic workers
(i.e. housekeepers, chars, child minders, gardeners, drivers, au pairs, cooks, old age carers, night nurses, nannies, domestic workers etc.).

There are two plans to choose from :  DomestiCare and DomestiCare Plus, both offering a range of benefits that include unlimited* visits to private CareCross General Practitioners (GPs), free prescribed acute medication, access to pathologists**, radiologists** (if requested by the GP),  as well as selected maternity and HIV benefits.
DomestiCare Plus also provides the reassurance of optometry and dentistry for only an extra R25 per month.

Key Benefits For the Employee:
  • Quick access to quality care and medication with no more waiting in queues. 
  • Appointments can be made with a choice of CareCross doctors that are conveniently located near their home or work at a time that suits him/her
Key Employer Benefits: 
  • Peace of mind knowing your staff have access to private healthcare and quality treatment.
  • More time at work and reduced infection risk.
  • Valid sick leave documents

Please request a brochures for general information plus a summary of the benefits and pricing for:  DomestiCare & DomestiCare Plus.

For more detailed information,  please contact Ruth Kloppers via our contact page. We will assist with quick and easy registration, FREE OF CHARGE.