Help At Home | Placements for Nannies & Domestic Workers in Johannesburg & Durban
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Accredited Nanny & Domestic Placement

We cover courses, training and Placements

Full & part-time Nannies

This service allows you to hire one of Help At Home’s trained Nannies. All nannies are pre-interviewed, reference-checked where possible and fully trained before commencing duties with you. You can choose either that the Nanny lives-in or lives-out. During the interview process, we make sure that the nannies are completely literate, able to communicate well, participative and eager. If the nanny is accepted by the agency, she is then trained on our Nanny Training Course (please read above), and only the top achieving candidates will be placed as nannies.

Nanny and Domestic Training

Training-only for already- employed Nannies. A comprehensive course designed to engage the candidate in learning all the basics in Child Minding (such as Bottles, sleep, nappies, bathing, dressing etc…), Medical Basics (administering medicine, CPR, Choking, First Aid for cuts, burns, concussion, broken bones, whiplash, shock, electrocution, drowning etc…) Common childhood ailments (such as Chicken Pox, Mumps, Measles, Tonsillitis and how a nanny should care for a child with these ailments) as well as extra emphasis on the Development of the Child.


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We provide year-round full and part-time education